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Small crypto currency exchange was allegedly hacked and they claim now that most crypto has been now lost. And I'd like to have a conversation with you guys about what we can learn using that and how you can secure your crypto in the future. And having a peek at the Bit-coin value, we can see that Bit coin is rebounding between support and resistance.

What are the results when Bit-coin breaks outside? And towards the conclusion of this video, I wish to speak a little bit concerning. The inflation pace and the consumer price index and why wages might seem to be going upward, but they're in reality going down. Of course if you believe that seems fun, then I think you ought to absolutely CrossFit.

Howdy men, and welcome into the moon. My name is Carl and I image attracting this as an online video. All right, let's take a look at Bit-coin and also the fact Bitcoin, as you can see, has broken through. This big, a grim resistance zonethat was obviously, prior support converted to immunity. And, uh, we got an initial small denying there.

However today Bit-coin has really broken through this resistance. Now the question will probably soon become, naturally, will be, it can be able to maintain above this, or are we going to see a more correction? Of course, should we zoom into the four hour lean. We are able to view that if we all, um, back evaluation a service, that is when we really need to pay consideration.

Due to the fact, by way of example, that really is something that, um, I was discussing. Therefore for example, whenever we're up here, exactly what I mentioned was that if we come back and down test the prior service, which stems from your previous point right there, then it is very essential. For the bulls for encouraged right here. Plus it would be quite bullish in the event the service may be back-tested as successfully, as that may usually serve as a bullish sign.

And obviously the far better scenario is to break it. And if so, uh, this option might indeed have come to a finish. And the exact same thing will probably likely be true at this time, if we were to again evaluation this degree. It is very important for your bulls to keep support mainly because fundamentally, '' I meanwe can view many cases of the uh, back testings reviews usually leads to another leg as can observe that you reach immunity.